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Transcript Of CDC Telebriefing: Lung Harm Investigation

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So, with that, I feel that’s the best I can say with why now. My query is what are your theories as to why this cropped up out of nowhere in March with no prior actual data of this being an issue? The survey of 2,656 11 to 17-year-olds, carried out by YouGov in March and April, illustrated how disposable vapes are driving the trend, with seven in 10 opting for one over an rechargeable choice. Is it one thing that was making folks sick that medical doctors just weren’t catching or do you suspect some sort of change in the provision chain that made this an element all the sudden in March and nowhere on this planet aside from the U.S.?

And so, whether individuals who are more continuously using e-cigarettes and become addicted to nicotine begin experimenting with different products and are vaping with THC now as well, which may be sort of laying a fertile floor for the expanded use of dangerous products. We know that there has been practices around use of cutting agents to primarily increase the revenue from promoting cartridges and that the practice may have turn into more widespread.

I’m questioning if there is something you may share with us about whether the FDA is within the technique of writing some kind of recent policy that might ban flavored vapes. I've a question about the steerage the FDA is working on concerning the e-cigarette flavors and I’m sorry if I missed and this query was requested before, but I was questioning if there are exemptions being thought of for mint or menthol. The one thing I can say generally is that we're persevering with to work on the steerage document.

We know that for the THC products, as you could have heard Dr. Schuchat describe and has been reported, a whole bunch of those products are being bought off the road. Whether or not - you already know, we are going to want to put the pieces of the story collectively round a person patient’s lung injury. You mentioned one thing about we're intensifying the lab investigations. I take the purpose Dr. Schuchat made concerning the epidemic use of e-cigarettes and particularly flavored e-cigarettes by children.

I also must point out that the backdrop - this outbreak is occurring in a backdrop of skyrocketing use of nicotine-containing e-cigarettes amongst youth and the frequency of their use is substantial and has increased vastly over the previous two years.


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